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Tango Photography

From having your picture taken, taking pictures of those dancing, venue issues, lighting, flashes, catching the moments, and more, Tango Photography is an amazing and fun challenge! In addition to also having a passion for dancing Tango, I’ve also had a passion for photography, but lacked the actual equipment for a long time. Photography, mostly Tango Photography, has become a hobby of mine,and I’m making it a part of my Tango Voyage as well as a way to help supplement my travels and every day life.

My Tango Photography

Tango photography in addition to event, low light, intimate, head shot, profile, and couple photography all share very similar characteristics. My Tango photography focuses on my own love of the dance, the ability to anticipate movement, knowing the music, knowing and capturing the moments between dancers, and taking pictures in sync with the music.

My Tango Photography Equipment is always evolving with new pieces, new lenses, flashes, stands, additional bodies, microphones, stabilizers, and more. What matters though is having good composition knowledge, lenses for the lighting, knowing your settings and a few other tricks. As photography is one of my passions and pairs well with Tango, I’ve found a good avenue to offer my services as a photographer this passion I have for Tango.

If I’m not contracted, I do not charge for my time taking pictures if I’m at an event, as such you will find me dancing a majority of the time, but I do offer the photographs I do take for a small fee. Most of the pictures I take and post about here are not contracted and the only compensation I get are from direct sales, so if you find something you like, purchasing the digital files or prints helps keep me attending those festivals and taking more photos. To those that don’t need prints or a high quality digital file, I do post galleries with a simple watermark. If you are interested for using a photo for commercial purposes, please contact me and we can come to an arrangement.

Photography Pricing

Pricing for the individual photos for those who are attending the events differ depending on what product you want. My suggestion, if you are wanting multiple prints, is to go for the digital high resolution purchase and ordering prints through your vendor of choice.  This is the best way to help support and ensure I keep photographing at the different festivals I attend.

High Resolution – $9 each
5+ High Res – 50% Off Coupon Available

4″ x 6″ – $2.50 + Shipping
5″ x 7″ – $4.50 + Shipping
8″ x 10″ – $6.50 + Shipping

Additional Sizes & Products Available

More products are available if you wish to order through the galleries.  There is are cards, canvas, wide array of sizes, photo books, and more coming! Some people want to do any and all sizes/products through another service, that is why I offer the full size digital downloads!

Digital Full Resolution files are available in an sRGB color profile. If you require adobeRGB profile in addition to the sRGB, e-mail me and I’ll get you an additional file for no extra charge.

How to Purchase/Order