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Hello, my name is Kyle, and thank you for joining me on my Tango Voyage! I’m a Photographer, Traveler, and Tango Enthusiast! After becoming addicted to Tango years ago, I have broadened my horizons with travelling, teaching tango, DJing, organizing tango events, photography, and more! It’s all thanks to meeting wonderful people and the experiences they’ve given me along this journey.  I wish to share those stories, experiences, and photography with you while also inspiring your own voyage with resources, tips, insights, and more to help you fulfill your goals.

Tango Travelling has given me so much more perspective than I would have ever expected, many wonderful memories, friends, inspiration, feelings, and knowledge that I’m grateful for. From Tango Traveling, Tango DJing, Tango Teaching, Tango Organizing, Tango Photography, and more, there are resources, stories, and insights all around the site. May your journey be just as amazing as my own, ongoing, Tango Voyage!

Tango Dancers at Yira Yira

Why Tango?

Some call it the forbidden dance while others the dance of love… but what has driven me to the dance, and and started this Tango Voyage? Maybe you are wondering what is a Tanda, the history of Tango, how to Tango DJ, and some Basic of Tango. Check out the history and get some insight by Learning More about Tango here!

Tango Band playing in Buenos Aires

Tango Photography

Want to Book Me as a Photographer? Looking for my Tango Photography from a Festival or Event we both attended?  Interested in High Resolution Copies or maybe Prints Ordered? Curious to know what my Photography Gear is? You can find out those and much more by checking out the different photography sections, pages, blogs, and festival highlights!

Tango Dancing at a Milonga in Buenos Aires

Tango DJing

Want to become a Tango DJ? Needing some tips on how to improve or maybe how you can start DJing locally, practicas, milongas, or even branching out further? Maybe you need some places to find Tango Music, networking, or software? Check out the Tango DJing – An introduction to start and groove from there!


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Find Me!

I’m traveling and dancing everywhere I go. Are you nearby, want to dance or share stories, find out where I am and where I have been on this Tango Voyage! I’m always open to Dancing Tango, offering Tango advice, and even willing to teach Tango or practice Tango anytime! Based in the US, but adventuring when I can!

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Help support my adventures and receive monthly Q & A, behind the scenes, custom tanda playlists, early access, exclusive photographs & reviews, and much more to come as the travels continue! Everyone who can help support even a little bit allows me to continue this Tango Voyage and I’m grateful!